La Mesa

The redemption song for good food and ambience
It has been called the “new wave” of cuisine but it is not about capturing any latest trend. It’s about celebrating the food and the people who eat it.

We cook in a contemporary manner and just do what tastes good and that’s it. We are not afraid to cook with the idealistic simplicity of a French or Spanish Café but we improve it with clever food dynamics.

There are no white tablecloths and the food is never arranged on the plate with tweezers. It’s curious and with no particular style or country of origin apart from a touch of Spain.

We find it difficult to define it any further as it doesn’t follow a concept or a formula. It isn’t rigid. It’s natural and based on freedom, spirit and conviviality, which mixed with heart. Improvisation, flair and creativity, is at the core, and fundamental to the ethos.

We prepare a tasting menu every evening and serve excellent wines

We are small and independent............... so booking is essential

You can find La Mesa at 5b Old Square, Warwick CV34 4RH or on trip advisor.

Telephone: 07528080151
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